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Great Eats in Kitsilano

Great Eats in Kitsilano

Finding a great place to eat in Kitsilano is so very very simple.  Go outside, turn right and then go into the first place you see. There are so many great places that you’ll find on your own.  So let’s just consider this a starting place to find a few that we like. If you’re looking for healthy choices then we’d suggest a stop in at Tractor on 4th Avenue.  Salads with things in them that you’d never throwing in together, that end up tasting incredible. Consider a salad/sandwich combo, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking for more spicy, then walk across the street and go to Maenam and enjoy some fabulous Thai food.  It’s contemporary thai with a twist. There are some surprising but incredible dishes. Do you want to make sure that your food is sustainable and farm to table? Then head a few blocks away to the Farmer’s Apprentice. Fresh as fresh can be. The flavours come from the freshness.  You know when you bite into a proper tomato or red strawberry…well that’s what you’ll get at the Farmer’s Apprentice. If you’re looking for something more sweet, then head around the corner from there to Fir Street where you’ll find an authentic french bakery in Beaucoup. A real cup of coffee and a buttery croissant.  Stop reading…get out there and get your fix of any of the above or find your own new great spot in Kits.

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