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Historical New West Revitalized

Historical New West Revitalized

New Westminster was the capital of the Colony of British Columbia from 1858-1866.  It was the epicentre of the Colony and then for a long time the hub of the Province.  All trade went through New West. The Fraser River accommodated many log booms floating into and out of the city.  The railway brought industry and commerce to the area until the Canadian Pacific Railway extended their tracks to the new city of Vancouver.  Columbia Street in the 1960’s boasted Eaton’s, Kresge’s and Woolworths. People from all around the Lower Mainland would go to New West as a destination.  The Columbia Theatre and the Paramount Theatre also were a huge draw. But as the 70’s and 80’s came around New West was in a decline where it wasn’t able to compete with Vancouver as a destination.  Over the past decade New West has been revitalizing Columbia St and the waterfront area that is adjacent to the Skytrain Station. It’s quickly becoming a place that is embracing it’s past and incorporating it’s past into it’s future.

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